Hi, I am Daniel Salcedo

I’m a content creator and tech entrepreneur deeply passionate about innovation, evolution, and technology. I either build or support original content or technology products with a purpose behind it.
My biggest inspiration is my family – a loving wife and 2 kids.
I am motivated by giving without asking anything in return.
During the quarantine, I started an initiative to support local businesses across all my social media platforms.
I get pure energy by:
  • Doing indoor (SoulCycle and Cyclebar) and outdoor Cycling or both.
  • Preparing Matcha, Chai lattes, and natural juices.
  • Doing some grillin at home with friends over Malbecs or IPA’s cold beers.

You’ll find me tweeting, producing content, supporting local businesses, practicing bentoisim, and occasionally blogging on Medium.

I am currently building ShopYourFit: The first Artificial Intelligence curation and discovery platform for apparel connecting independent brands with organic users based on their body type and style.