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Daniel Salcedo is an avant-garde producer, who embraces the New York City vibe and lets it make its mark on his work. With an eye for detail and natural creativity, he has had an impact on the digital, broadcast, VR & AR and film-media landscape.

Daniel founded his first New York venture Elevator Studios in 2014. Since then, he’s been a part of projects with recognized clients, such as Toyota and Pepsi, agencies Mediavest and Grey, as well as digital/broadcast providers Vevo, Yahoo, Turner, and Discovery.

His passion for music led him to expound on his success with Elevator Studios by starting two more ventures in the industry. They were Trenderscope, a trend analytics platform, and MuuseMe, a music licensing company. He sold them to Industria Works in 2016, making a name for himself in the Latin Alternative music industry with LAMC and Nacional Records.

His love for quality content, both in video and production, has seen him play an active role in the promotion of arts and culture in NYC with indie artists.  Daniel has also participated in summits and panels in the United States and Latin America. His unique perspective has brought him to participate in conferences, such as FIMPRO in Guadalajara, iConexion in Napa ,California, NALIP, Hispanicize, NATPE, and Realscreen.

Daniel also lends his creative talent to other studios as an Executive Producer-Production Consultant. When publisher Remezcla had the goal of becoming a video destination, Daniel helped them raise the bar, by assisting as a video production consultant. He built a team at Remezcla, trained them in video capabilities, helped with creation and production of different type of video products, and enhanced the production flow. Now, Remezcla has a fully functional in-house video studio that offers top-notch branded content, social media and original content.

Consultant. He is currently consulting for other recognized media publishers.

What makes Daniel Salcedo stand out as a NYC producer, is his desire to always be on the cutting edge of industry trends. While many are still learning the ropes, Daniel has already produced virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content and has added a VR division to his company, stepping into a new way of cinematic storytelling.

He is currently developing an Original Stories division at The Elevator, where he can take compelling narratives and bring them to the screen, while expounding on and promoting diversity and multiculturalism.

Some of the more notable moments, in his career so far, have been the award-winning HBO documentary “Sins of My Father,” shown at Sundance Festival, as well as TV shows Manifesto and City Guide, both produced for Turner Television