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My video content studio where unique and trendsetting content is born, created, and comes to life. The Elevator Studios is where you can find anything from production services to original video series, branded content, and VR/AR creation.

It’s the place you want to go to for ideas that become visuals for today’s media markets and where Latin and New York roots combine to create unique, modern, and out-of-the box content.

eSTYLAR’s mission is to reshape the fashion industry utilizing Augmented Reality – bringing the fitting room directly to the user’s phone. By implementing our virtual fitting room, brands and retailers will be able to increase sales and reduce returns. With only one picture, eSTYLAR can accurately generate exact dimensions and sizing. Our technology allows users to visualize how a particular garment looks on them and improves their online purchasing decision to determine the right size.


My venture where VR & AR content, cinematic storytelling, Immersive experiences, and the exploration of new technology is created. With an international team of VR & AR experts, Catovia offers a universal perspective in the production of VR & AR content and is strategically positioned in the global marketplace.

Our team of socially responsible creators makes Catovia a place for original VR and AR content that has a humanistic touch and a friendly vibe–where you can expect stellar results for your brand.